An Unnecessary Distraction.

Bad jokes about important things and a lot of less important things

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My favorite internet phenomenon is when someone comments on a YouTube video with a really benign comment like “I love this song!” and then there are a bunch of hidden responses to that comment and then the last one isn’t hidden and it’s something like “you ignorant tool, I can’t believe anyone would even defend Eisenhower’s foreign policies, let alone compare them to political strategies of Napoleon. Take your asinine opinions elsewhere (and FYI, the Chinese DID invent noodles. idiot.)”

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Pros to dating me:


  • You’ll find out exactly how old I am
  • There are multiple methods - both carbon dating and comparing my ratio of uranium to thorium

Cons to dating me:

  • the traditional carbon dating method has proven to be vulnerable to certain potential inaccuracies due to a variety of reasons leading you to date me incorrectly by as much as 3500 years!
  • I’m still alive so the amount of carbon-14 you can find in samples of me won’t provide accurate measurements of how old I am- you should wait until I die to collect samples!
  • What if I can’t die?!?!?!

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Here are two watercolors of my cats Padre (top) & Phillie (below)

as Apollo astro-cats.  Started out as marker drawings, but I couldn’t get the colors right.  Anyway.  Here they are!

i want you to paint me like one of your astro-cats