An Unnecessary Distraction.

Bad jokes about important things and a lot of less important things

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“i feel a million bucks” i say to you. you assume ive made a typo, but in reality ive spent the past 15 years of my life systematically feeling every male deer in the world. their hooves are so strong, and their fur so soft. 

What the fuck is wrong with this website

a pervasively anti-intellectual hivemind that denigrates anything remotely creative and interesting with constant unending cries of “what the FUCK is WRONG with this website” and “oh my GOD r u on DRUGS” like a coven of shrieking baby pterodactyls cognitively incapable of understanding that the one person who dares attempting to make an interesting or humorous post is forced to see each and every one of their incessant half a cent comments in their own twisted Dantean circle of hell

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